Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Custom Web Design - FREE Consultation

Web Design
  • Spice up your website.

  • Fix your website.

  • Heck, at least HAVE a website.

  • Prefer a blog?

  • How'bout a video blog?

  • A photo blog or an audio blog?

These are just a few things I can consult with you on to determine if your project is small enough for me to help you do-it-yourself...that means for free, or if you prefer, or if your project requires, my web design services are available for hire at the most competitive prices you will find.

Please e-mail Sermonwriter, (Steve Hunt), at, and please leave a brief description of your project or project concerns and I will return your e-mail request as soon as possible. Should you need prompt telephone consultation or answers, then please leave your area code, phone number, and best time to call you. Thank you.